The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Sunday 7th Feb- The Golden Sunset

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Buying a Home An Unofficial Guide       Australia Dur: 5:16
Dir: Bailey Quinn
In Melbourne Australia where housing prices are increasing and it’s getting harder to buy a home, we explain how the impossible is done.
The Missing   Australia   Dur: 11:21
Dir: Jary Nemo
When WW1 brought Australians face to face with mass death a Red Cross Information Bureau and post-war graves workers laboured to help families grieve for the missing.
The Quiet Australia      Dur: 10
Dir: Radheya Jegatheva
When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.
The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?
Mirage      Australia      Dur: 12:28
Dir: Maki Morita
Mirage is a short film that portrays the unlikely friendship of two women across cultures and generations. Our hero is Lola, a grieving teenager who finds solace by connecting with her elderly neighbour, Mrs. Allen.
Tastes Like Fish      Australia Dur: 8:03
Dir: Sophie Bonollo
A fresh-faced high schooler, in pursuit of sex for the first time, anxiously battles her nerves as her date’s arrival edges closer and closer.
Urbanality      Australia     Dur: 3:28
Dir: Evan McInnes
In a society driven by growth and development we don’t often take time to appreciate this wild, wonderful world we occupy. Getting stuck in the daily grind is all too easy, but sometimes all that’s needed to open our eyes is a helping hand.
A Mile an Hour Australia    Dur: 17:10
Dir: Beau Miles
A different kind of marathon; running one lap an hour, for 24hrs, around my perfectly mile long block. The rest of the time I do as much as possible; making things, odd jobs, fixing stuff. It’s about running, doing, and thinking- the potentials of one, long, day.
Daniel Bannister – Photo/Grapher      Australia Dur: 3:54
Dir: James Inabinet
This documentary offers an insight into one of Melbourne’s most intriguing up and coming photographer/artist. Specialising in a mixture of Street, Urbex and Architectural styles, Dan proves himself an Artist you should take note of while walking us through his unique perspective.
Dead Set Legend    Australia Dur: 4:50
Dir: Michael Jones
While his wife cleans, Brian picks up a piece of rubbish and is heralded as the greatest man alive.
Grain      Australia Dur: 6
Dir: Jahvis Loveday
After two partners lose their child in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world, they are left to find their path in a world of broken roads. Even though they lost their purpose, they must protect each other from the dangers of the world.


Thursday 4th February – The Dahlia

Friday 5th February The Bridge

Saturday, 6th February – The Palm

Saturday 6th February – The Footscray Flapper

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Sunday 7th Feb – The Western Star

Sunday 7th Feb – The Rising Sun – youth program sponsored by Victoria University


Sunday 7th Feb- The Golden Sunset

Monday 8th Feb – The Banksia

Tuesday 9th February -The Lillith

Wednesday 10th February – The Whitten

Thursday 11th February -The Smith

Friday 12th Feb – A Small Punch in a Little Town – Australian feature film