The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Monday 8th Feb – The Banksia


RESTART     Australia Dur: 4:20
Dir: Zev Howley
Samantha’s life revolves around her phone and social media. She doesn’t notice the beauty and misses the opportunities that surround her. After an encounter with a mysterious stranger she’s given a new lease on life. This film explores what her world would be like if she could control her self-destructive excesses.
Luz    France Dur: 7:30
Dir: John Banana
Problems can cloud your vision, but the key to Cloudia’s happiness may be right under her nose.
CHEN     Australia Dur: 21
Dir: Orit Novak
‘CHEN’ tells the story of Chinese Australian dancer Chengwu Guo. Who at the age of 10 was thrown into the strict and rigorous training world of the Beijing Dance Academy. Whilst enduring long periods of time away from his family and being subjected to harsh training methods, Chen was moulded into a highly talented and daring artist.
Blood Rule      Australia Dur: 7:38
Dir: Harry Tamblyn
When a girl’s scream echoes through a public pool, parents flock to accuse the most likely subject.
Stay Sharp      Australia Dur: 14:05
Dir: Lauren Hester
‘Stay Sharp’ is a short documentary exploring Melbourne’s iconic and often misunderstood Sharpie subculture of the 1970s, focusing on its resurgence in recent decades.
The Case of the Shanghaied Songbird.     Australia Dur: 20
Dir: Scott Lewis
It’s 1954 Melbourne and Private Investigator Frank Drennan is a shadow of a once successful detective. A new case lands on his desk and with his reluctance, it will take him into a world of sultry jazz club singers, surreal dreams, a mysterious comet and a sleeping beauty. All to solve The Case of the Shanghaied Songbird.
She Rose    Australia Dur: 6:30
Dir: Malwina Wodzicka
A story of a little girl who inspired by indigenous Australian boxer – Lionel Rose – become a boxing champion herself. But first she has to conquer an unlikely opponent.
I See in the Dark      Slovenia Dur: 16:24
Dir: Lana Bregar
The short documentary shows three individuals, who have lost their sight. Their intimate narrative takes the viewer on a journey to their world and feelings about the loss of vision.

Thursday 4th February – The Dahlia

Friday 5th February The Bridge

Saturday, 6th February – The Palm

Saturday 6th February – The Footscray Flapper

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Sunday 7th Feb – The Western Star

Sunday 7th Feb – The Rising Sun – youth program sponsored by Victoria University


Sunday 7th Feb- The Golden Sunset

Monday 8th Feb – The Banksia

Tuesday 9th February -The Lillith

Wednesday 10th February – The Whitten

Thursday 11th February -The Smith

Friday 12th Feb – A Small Punch in a Little Town – Australian feature film