The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Saturday, 6th February – The Palm

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For the Goblins           United States       Dur: 15:55
Dir: Hypnus Yao
Ordinary college student Sebastian, gets kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party.
Road.Dogs                 Australia Dur: 12
Dir: Ez Eldin Deng
Moza, a 20-year-old South Sudanese migrant wants to sing his rap song to his friends and the African youth who are undermined by frequent negative news reports which have influenced the wider community and resulted in increased racism, suspicion and lateral violence against African residents. But on this day his dreams of finding his voice are sorely tested!
Keeper            Australia Dur: 8:13
Dir: Emmy Clifton
A passionate young beekeeper has suddenly become allergic to bees. Why did this become her passion and how far will she be willing to go to return to it?
Over the influence United Kingdom Dur: 5:35
Dir: Andrew Younge
In an attempt to justify why he no longer uses social media, a prospective housemate viewing a flat unknowingly launches into a rant that goes against everything his future housemates stand for.
A Moment Australia        Dur: 5:28
Dir: Molly Haddon
It comes down to perspective when two sisters argue after Eve catches Beth in an intimate moment with Eve’s husband. Can you ever really know the truth of a moment between two people?
Before I Go Australia           Dur: 15
Dir: Mika Tran
Frank Ryan survived the drought, he put food on the table for his children and a roof over their heads, and he raised them to be strong enough to face the world. And now he has time on his hands.
We want the best for those we love, but what it we don’t have the words to let them know?
Home Greenland             Dur: 7:59
Dir: Inuk Jorgensen
A personal perspective on coming home after nearly a decade abroad and finding that something is off in the familiar paradise. A warning that profound change is coming. Change that will influence future generations.
Bleeding Low              Australia           Dur: 12:24
Dir: Aamer Ahmed
Leo – a vulnerable transgender teenager is on a transformative cross-country journey to a clinic that will help him become a man but along the way he must overcome his parent’s expectations and realities of still having a female body.
Rabbits Australia Dur: 12:17
Dir: Riley Sugars
Set in late 1960s Australia, Henry and his father George are two different kinds of men, yet the pressures of an overbearing father divert both their futures.

Thursday 4th February – The Dahlia

Friday 5th February The Bridge

Saturday, 6th February – The Palm

Saturday 6th February – The Footscray Flapper

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Sunday 7th Feb – The Western Star

Sunday 7th Feb – The Rising Sun – youth program sponsored by Victoria University


Sunday 7th Feb- The Golden Sunset

Monday 8th Feb – The Banksia

Tuesday 9th February -The Lillith

Wednesday 10th February – The Whitten

Thursday 11th February -The Smith

Friday 12th Feb – A Small Punch in a Little Town – Australian feature film