The eighth annual Setting Sun Film Festival

The eighth annual Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival postponed edition


The Setting Sun Film Festival celebrates the best filmmakers from around Victoria and the world. It began as a community festival in 2013, (when it was founded), to provide Maribyrnong with it’s own film festival – films about the West for the West.  In eight years, it has grown from being a community festival to the largest and premier film festival in Melbourne’s West and to one of the biggest in Melbourne. Our 2019 festival screened over 100 films. We screened films from China, America, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Cuba and South Korea. Submissions for our 2020 festival increased by 50% from 2019. 

Our female filmmakers’ program, The Rouge,  represents a third of all our entries. 

We embrace cultural diversity, being the first festival to introduce awards and programs reflecting the reality of our culturally diverse society.  Over the years, filmmakers have entered films into these award categories exploring and highlighting themes of disability, gender identity, sexuality, religion, culture, Indigenous and age, in narrative and documentary films. This section has grown considerably over the years. 

We screen at the prestigious art deco Sun Theatre Yarraville and Kindred Studios with loads of cash and prizes to give away. 

The Setting Sun Film Festival is part of the City of Maribyrnong’s prestigious Festival City calendar.

Our  categories are open to everyone. 

The festival was founded and created by Anna Bourozikas from Poppy Kat Media. 

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