The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Sunday 7th Feb – The Western Star

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After the Tsunami      Australia     Dur: 6:59
Dir: Mark Hellinger
Sri Lankan survivors of the 2004 boxing day Tsunami reflect on the event, impact, and aftermath of the tragedy.
El Nino      Australia           Dur: 15
Dir: Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier
An Argentinian migrant drives her teenage son to the city to meet his father for the first time.
Kneeling Sheep            United States         Dur: 14:30
Dir: Hai Rihan
A Mongolian single mother fights to save her son who is about to be executed, only to discover that the absence of justice is crushing her life.

Clockworkers Australia Dur: 4:13
Dir: Nelson Dean
A clockwork hive rises from the ground. Its inhabitants, a colony of diligent workers, build upwards into the dark sky, all instinctively loyal to their mundane work. One worker is different, and, upon realising the expendability of its peers, ventures to the fiery depths of the hive to tackle the brutal system it is enslaved by.
No Getting Away       Australia       Dur: 13:45
Dir: Dan Walls
Two weary parents take a weekend break in the country with their newborn. They soon find that getting away from it all is not going to be easy when one of them vanish.
Life is Fine Australia        Dur: 7:24
Dir: Daniel Orfali
Life is Fine for Dante and Lucas, two young men who have a solid loving relationship. Life really changes for the pair when Dante begins to get sicker. His treatment for cancer is Lucas’ only hope, but he must come to terms with Dante’s inevitable demise.
Delitto Naturale (Sub Eng) / Nature’s Crime     Italy Dur: 15
Dir: Valentina Bertuzzi
When Aida’s best friend, Lola, goes missing from class, Aida sets out to find her and discovers parts of their school that are better left undisturbed…
The Grand Scheme                 Australia      Dur: 16:27
Dir: Matt Mirams
The Grand Scheme travels through the five stages of life, each told through a different film genre. From infancy to twilight and the years in between, there’s moments and characters that make it funny, poignant and memorable. Everyone’s life is unique and there won’t be a sequel.
SYMMETRY       Australia Dur: 3:58
Dir: Rob Plaza
We are a constantly evolving culture. A culture eternally cycling, dying, and rebirthing. The cities we live in, the jobs we have shape our direction in where we go, but are we heading in the right direction?

Thursday 4th February – The Dahlia

Friday 5th February The Bridge

Saturday, 6th February – The Palm

Saturday 6th February – The Footscray Flapper

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Sunday 7th Feb – The Western Star

Sunday 7th Feb – The Rising Sun – youth program sponsored by Victoria University


Sunday 7th Feb- The Golden Sunset

Monday 8th Feb – The Banksia

Tuesday 9th February -The Lillith

Wednesday 10th February – The Whitten

Thursday 11th February -The Smith

Friday 12th Feb – A Small Punch in a Little Town – Australian feature film