Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival


Thursday 7th May

Grinding The Country
With less than 1500 inhabitants, Chaulgnes is the typical French country village. At the end of the 90's, the arrival of
skateboarding changed the lives of its inhabitants and launched generations of riding and punk-rock music lovers.
France, Duration: 20:00
Director: Olivier Lambert

Drum Wave
A young pianist is forced to confront her fear of motherhood when she marries into a remote island community with
bizarre fertility rituals.
Australia, Duration: 10:25
Director: Natalie Erika James

After suffering a loss, the inundating sympathy flowers echo a young woman's emotional passage.
Australia, Duration: 3:20
Director: Nicolette Axiak

A personal perspective on coming home after nearly a decade abroad and finding that something is off in the familiar
paradise. A warning that profound change is coming.
Greenland, Duration: 7:59
Director: Inuk Jørgensen

King Of The House
A delusional man lives alone in a small dark house, believing that he is the king of the world and his supremacy is secure.
However, his sovereignty is shaken by the arrival of a stranger. Little by little, this intruder occupies his living space, forces
him to face his inner fears, cowardice and inferiority.
United States, Duration: 10:00
Director: Zige Zhang
Friday 8th May

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