The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Online Programs

This year we are excited to be presenting a series of fantastic short film programs available for free from our website from 19 – 26 May

  • International 
  • French language program 
  • Queer
  • Access Cinema
  • Youth 
  • Long Shorts
  • 10 year retrospective of festival winners

The Unknown Soldier Comedy  France 23:00
Dir. Alexis Loukakis  
November 11, 1918, Germany has surrendered. The armistice is signed. France must honor the memory of its fighters by designating an unknown soldier. In an infantry regiment based in the Somme, Corporal Solal and soldiers Malard, Klein and Maestracci are assigned to roam the battlefields in search of the ideal corpse …

Simple Wish Drama France 11:04
Dir. Mathias Kupka
Julie is looking for an apartment. Today, she’s visiting a studio flat in Paris. She knows the owner’s daughter, so she thinks she might have
a chance.

Sami’s Fugue Drama France   24:55
Dir. Vincent Tricon
It’s winter. Sami is interned in a psychiatric institution. On a visit day with his mother and sister, Sami learns their horse died.

Crossroads Drama France 22:00
Dir. Adriana Soreil
Roxane, a young woman in her thirties, feels overwhelmed since the birth of her six-month-old baby. Unable to create a bond with her little one, she is drowning in tiredness and loneliness.

Fire at the Lake Drama France 15:00
Dir. Pierre Menahem</span
A high mountain hamlet, early summer. Felix comes down from the pastures where he’s guarding his cows and finds his old mother lying unconscious on her bed. Shaken, he runs off. He drives a few miles in the valley to the house of a young man who just contacted him on a dating app.

Chicken Drama/Children France 02:50
Dir. Mikael Gaudin
That afternoon, ten-year-old Antonin has a date with Zohra, a girl he’s quite fond of. But she shows up with her two cousins, who dare them to play a dangerous game involving cars driving on a road nearby.

Lou’s Neighbour Romance  France 18:00
Dir. Victoria Lafaurie, Hector Albouker
Vladimir, 17-years-old, is secretly in love with his neighbour Lou. When Lou decides to leave her home to move in with her boyfriend – a man ten years older than her – Vladimir tries to put his jealousy aside to help her.

The Midwife Drama, Historical France 28:57
Dir. Anne-Sophie Bailly
In the French Jura mountains, at the end of the Middle Ages, Else is an herbalist and a midwife. With Nicole, her young apprentice, they are disturbed during their daily practice by a stranger riding a horse demanding all the women of the village gather in its small church.

She’s The Protagonist Road movie Belgium 14:01
Dir. Sarah Carlot Jaber
The Protagonist, by her given name, is presented to us in her natural environment: a jungle, sadly, often lacking in density.

Green Fit 17:14
Dir. Maxime Pistorio
Xavier subscribes to a gym for free.
For free ? Yes.
But when it’s free, it means that you are the product.

ACCESS CINEMA (films about disability or by disable and deaf filmmakers)

Blind Turn Doco Australia 15:00
Dir. Isabel Dickson
An authentic Australian story of triumph over adversity. Royce Dickson is about to realise his life-long dream of playing with Geelong in the AFL but suffers a tragic accident days before his first game. He must come to terms with the reality of his disability and pursue a new dream.

Child of Témoin Sci-Fi Australia 37:40
Dir. Cody Fordham
Planet Témoin and its habitants has been captured by a species known as ‘Humans’. A mother and daughter spirit hopes to resolve the conflict via lethal methods.

Declutter Documentary Australia 05:43
Dir. Jackson Hayat
Marsa sits at the precipice of finding her calling, decluttering the lives of tenants facing mental health battles.

Deep Down Psychological Thriller Australia 05:54
Dir. James McVitty
Finn hides a panic attack from his girlfriend Olivia. In his vulnerable state, he struggles to reach out for help from under the weight of his anxious episode, and ultimately alienates the person who cares  for him the most.

Singing In Despair Documentary Australia 03:44
Dir. Jacob Hooke
A music video narrative short that looks at themes of mental illness and relationships.

The Petrification of Dee Wallace Drama Australia 08:48
Dir. Nick Mansur
Dee, an anxiety-riddled young artist is approached by Charlie, a bubbly, overwhelming classmate with the offer to co-create a comic book. Can Dee overcome the animated manifestations of her greatest fear: making a friend?


A Wriggle In Time Student Australia 07:33
Dir. James Lloyd Houghton
After Blake is rejected by her crush, Jane, she finds herself stuck in a time loop, forced to attempt to woo Jane again and again.

Baggage 2d animation Australia 02:29
Dir. Ashley Dhanu
‘Baggage’ explores the struggle of chronic fatigue and mental illness, and how it impacts the daily lives of those who have it. 

Suffocate Western, Sci-fi, Dystopia Australia 09:16
Dir. Finley Bishop
Left for dead on an abandoned earth, a struggling man must come to accept his situation and reconcile with his unsettling past.

The Magic in Liberia   Primary Australia 10:11
Dir. Oliver Hamm
Oliver and Lucas travel to Liberia, a small country in West Africa, as they want to experience and document the vibrant African culture.   

Selma Sci-Fi Australia 05:00
Dir. Harrison J Thomas
Arriving at Selma Primary intent on a fresh start, old patterns re-emerge as William attempts to escape his troubled past. Selma is written, directed, edited, scored and starring 11-year-old Rizz Thomas.

Earl Dreams of Apples Drama Australia 14:19
Dir. Emile Feik
An adolescent boy has a night of strange and vivid dreams involving a beach full of buried apples, a disappearing razor, a masked man, and a highway at night.  

Driven To Revenge Student Australia 05:33
Dir. Lola Mary Keddie
Set in 2022 in the streets of Williamstown, Jane (24) and her friend Sharon (24) drive to an unknown destination. 

I’m a Background Character Comedy, Drama Australia 03:23
Dir. Jasmine Ha-Na Lane
When the hero of the story is suddenly killed, a background character decides to derail the narrative and takes up the mantle of saving the world. 

Beachcomber Blues Drama Australia 02:53
Dir. Evie Taylor-Constable
In the face of an incoming storm, an old dog searches a beach for a seashell to give as a gift to his husband. Motivated by his memory and love, he is undeterred by the gradually worsening weather, persevering until he can find the perfect shell.

Loneliness Drama Australia 02:20
Dir. Brandon Pai
An animation exploring themes of grief and loneliness in isolation. 

I Can Animate
Animation United Kingdom 03:32
Dir. Stuart Taylor
A Brownie Guide project using Phenakistoscopes to explore early drawn animation and the theme of Brownies having fun.

4 of a Kind
Drama Australia 15:47
Dir. Jack Fawaz
After a cryptic stranger pays him a visit, the young and hopeless Jesse reluctantly embarks on a personal crusade to better his friends’ lives and ultimately his own.

A Trip Down Murder Lane Student Australia 09:52
Dir. Luke Usatoff
An enjoyable short comedy film noir murder mystery that follows a private eye looking for a thief and his son’s murderer. 

It’s In Your Hands Student Australia 05:12
Dir. Talitha Huston
Younger generations are the ones to be impacted by choices made by the older generation. Current leaders need to make decisions on long term goals rather than short term economics. 

The Elements Drama Greece 16:54
Dir. Eri Geroulis
A sex assault survivor who cannot heal from the trauma joins group therapy as a last resort, only to realise that there may be in fact one more thing that can help, with far more reaching consequences, dragging along other group members in the process.

An Island Drifts Drama Singapore 18:32
Dir. Vivian Ip
Set in Singapore, a young teacher presses for the truth from a maladjusted student, the act leads to devastating results and they suffer the ignominy of losing everything that matters to them. The story holds a mirror up to society, where a mistake can derail a life in an overly pressurised world.

Anniversary Drama Germany 18:31
Dir. Ali Schmahl, Stefanie Schmahl
Anniversary is a short film about a young couple whose way of loving is deeply affected by the circumstances caused by the sudden border closure between their respective countries. 

Call Button Drama Canada 11:25
Dir. Rhona Rees
A distant daughter must confront the reality of her mother’s MS and life in aged care when a photo app magically body swaps them.  

Crush Drama Greece 13:44
Dir. Alexandros Vossos
Fanis is looking for a place to live in Athens. The night is full of surprises as during his return he gets involved in a car crash which will make him face a series of social contradictions that will test his limits.

Elena Animation Lithuania  12:30
Dir. Birutė Sodeikaitė
Elena is enjoying her life in clouds, until she meets a charming Red Crane and a seed starts growing inside her. 

Frida (Sub Eng) Drama, Fiction Germany 19:00
Dir. Aleksandra Odić
An encounter between a young nurse and her patient of the same age, Frida, on the border of professional distance and the desire for closeness. 

She’s The Protagonist Road movie Belgium 14:01
Dir. Sarah Carlot Jaber
The Protagonist, by her given name, is presented to us in her natural environment: a jungle, sadly, often lacking in density. 

Intercom 15 Drama Romania 22:00
Dir. Andrei Epure
Several residents discover an unconscious woman lying in front of the block. Even though she lives on the third floor, nobody knows her name. While waiting for rescue, the neighbours reflect on her life and their own.

Millennial (Sub Eng) Fiction Italy 15:00
Dir. Eleonora Corica
Anna moves back to Genova. In her hometown, she meets by chance an old friend who invites her to a party. There, she meets Sofia, her former best friend.

Mulaqat (Sub Eng) / Sandstorm Fiction, Drama Pakistan 19:52
Dir. Seemab Gul
Zara, a schoolgirl in Karachi (Pakistan), shares a sensual dance video with her virtual boyfriend, who then blackmails her. 

Fiction Italy 13:56
Dir. Alessia Buiatti
A mother and daughter take a road trip to an unknown destination. It is winter. The mother is tired and hopeless. 

Transfarming Documentary Switzerland 15:00
Dir. Thomas Machowicz, Sabina Diethelm
What happens when farmers have a change of heart?  A We Animals Media short film directed by Thomas Machowicz and Sabina Diethelm.  

That Day … Drama Iran  14:12
Dir. Fariba Abazari
Four girls are hanging out with each other and trying to have fun by riding through streets and singing, but the society surrounding these girls have other plans for them. Suddenly, two bikers start to chase them and eventually, making that day frighting and miserable for them. 

The End of Originality (Sub Eng) Experimental Denmark 09:51
Dir. Laura Zayan
Will there ever come a time when no new ideas are left to invent? Frances has 48 hours to find her own identity in a world where people are literally becoming copies of each other.

THE SPRAYER Drama Iran 08:45
Farnoosh Abedi In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.

Toxic Magnus Documentary Greece 10:06
Dir. Nasos   Gatzoulis
Following a years-long intense struggle against his father’s obsession of turning him into a macho man, Magnus makes a failed suicide attempt which will eventually lead him to become a life coach.

Drama Greece     15:00
Dir. Ifigenia Dimitriou
A middle-aged woman is in conversation with her husband about the day’s usual issues. 

A Summer Place Drama Cyprus 20:00
Dir. Alexandra Matheou
Summer is a permanent state of mind in Limassol, a once small seaside town in Cyprus that has transformed into the oligarch paradise of the Mediterranean. Being both a player and a victim of this city transformation as a food stylist, Tina is depressed. On the day of her birthday, she is ready to give up on everything, until an extraordinary encounter changes her life.   

Portrait of a Cat Lady on Fire LGBT United Kingdom 09:30
Dir. Deborah Espect
A lady’s life is turned upside down when she meets a charismatic artist with a dubious French accent.  

Fireworks Coming of Age Australia 14:59
Dir. Sam McGowan
In order to fulfil his New Year’s resolution, a lonely teenager downloads Grindr and attempts to lose his virginity in the final hours of the year.

Joey’s Heart Drama, Romance New Zealand 14:34
Dir. Louise Lever
Joey, a self-described ‘gay Bridget Jones’ thinks she’ll never find her special someone. Tired of being the lonely singleton at parties, she meets Alice at the local community laughter club, perhaps her luck is about to change.

Through Fault Drama Australia 15:00
Dir. Emily Brown
Set in Melbourne, Australia in 1990. Jo, a young Catholic woman, volunteers as a HIV hotline counsellor expecting to answer calls from the ill-informed public.

Aygol Drama Germany 08:00
Dir. Dimitris Argyriou
Aygol is a young girl who is afraid to accept her sexual Identity, because it is forbidden in her country and she prefers to spend time with her grandma. 

Break the Mould Doco Australia 0 4:53
Dir. Samantha Chim
A documentary style interview with 35-year-old transgender model, activist and public figure Rora Mac.

Lady Priest Comedy Australia 16:06
Dir. Eva Justine Torkkola
Set at the dining table of a full Lebanese Sunday lunch, this film is a snapshot of the life of a Lebanese-Australian woman in her 30s and her wacky family dynamics. 

Silent Trilogy Drama Peru 40:00
Dir. Daniel Rodriguez-Risco
Silent films are back. In the words of film critic Sebastián Pimentel, Silent Trilogy “conveys a simple but very powerful idea: the idea that from the love of silent cinema one can discover the secret quintessence of moving images. 

Vanitas Documentary Australia 27:20
Dir. Steven Andrew McIntyre, Glenn D’Cruz
Vanitas is a son’s belated eulogy to his long-dead Anglo-Indian father whose modest aspirations were crushed by bad luck, ill-health and racism. 

The Sound of Dreaming Drama Nepal 28:45
Dir.Kalani Gacon
On her way to start a new life in Australia, Sonam remembers a trip she had with a ride-sharing motorcycle driver, Bikash, who had been having the same recurring dream as her.

Voutes Documentary Greece 39:57
Dir. Tasos Gkinosatis
“Voutes” is a film depicting Perama, a working class suburb of Athens, by following Panayiotis and Fotis. Both of them spend a big part of their free time at the roof deck of their houses where they have their pigeon lofts. 

Tofu Man
Dir. Andrew Robb

There’s a Mobster Under My Bed
Dir. Matt Smolen

Cat Food
Dir. Benjamin Laut

Dir. Brendan Young

The True History of Billie The Kid

Dir. Leticia Caceres

Feeling Through

Dir. Doug Roland 

Three August Days

Dir. Madli Laane

Why Do People Hates Us?

Dir. Mark Bakaitis 

You know what? I love you. Ξέρεις κάτι; Σ’αγαπώ.
Dir. Natalie Cunningham