The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Youth Cinema

A Wriggle In Time, Student, Australia, 07:33

Dir. James Lloyd Houghton

After Blake is rejected by her crush, Jane, she finds herself stuck in a time loop, forced to attempt to woo Jane again and again.

Baggage, 2d animation, Australia, 02:29

Dir. Ashley Dhanu

‘Baggage’ explores the struggle of chronic fatigue and mental illness, and how it impacts the daily lives of those who have it.

Do You Think It’s Pretty? Student Australia 08:35

Dir. Tess Hemley, Florence Gladwin

A film of a girl who couldn’t see the beauty until she meets someone who changes her view.

Suffocate Western, Sci-fi, Dystopia, Australia, 09:16

Dir. Finley Bishop

Left for dead on an abandoned earth, a struggling man must come to accept his situation and reconcile with his unsettling past.

The Magic in Liberia, Primary, Australia, 10:11

Dir. Oliver Hamm

Oliver and Lucas travel to Liberia, a small country in West Africa, as they want to experience and document the vibrant African culture.

Selma, Sci-Fi, Australia, 05:00

Dir. Harrison J Thomas

Arriving at Selma Primary intent on a fresh start, old patterns re-emerge as William attempts to escape his troubled past. Selma is written, directed, edited, scored and starring 11-year-old Rizz Thomas.

Earl Dreams of Apples, Drama, Australia,14:19

Dir. Emile Feik

An adolescent boy has a night of strange and vivid dreams involving a beach full of buried apples, a disappearing razor, a masked man, and a highway at night.

Driven To Revenge, Student, Australia, 05:33

Dir. Lola Mary Keddie

Set in 2022 in the streets of Williamstown, Jane (24) and her friend Sharon (24) drive to an unknown destination.

I’m a Background Character Comedy, Drama, Australia, 03:23

Dir. Jasmine Ha-Na Lane

When the hero of the story is suddenly killed, a background character decides to derail the narrative and takes up the mantle of saving the world.

Beachcomber Blues, Drama, Australia, 02:53

Dir. Evie Taylor-Constable

In the face of an incoming storm, an old dog searches a beach for a seashell to give as a gift to his husband. Motivated by his memory and love, he is undeterred by the gradually worsening weather, persevering until he can find the perfect shell.

Loneliness, Drama, Australia, 02:20

Dir. Brandon Pai

An animation exploring themes of grief and loneliness in isolation.

I Can Animate, Animation, United Kingdom, 03:32

Dir. Stuart Taylor

A Brownie Guide project using Phenakistoscopes to explore early drawn animation and the theme of Brownies having fun.

4 of a Kind, Drama, Australia, 15:47

Dir. Jack Fawaz

After a cryptic stranger pays him a visit, the young and hopeless Jesse reluctantly embarks on a personal crusade to better his friends’ lives and ultimately his own.

A Trip Down Murder Lane, Student, Australia, 09:52

Dir. Luke Usatoff

An enjoyable short comedy film noir murder mystery that follows a private eye looking for a thief and his son’s murderer.

It’s In Your Hands, Student, Australia, 05:12

Dir. Talitha Huston

Younger generations are the ones to be impacted by choices made by the older generation. Current leaders need to make decisions on long term goals rather than short term economics.