The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival


Films that celebrate and explore LGBQTI+ themes.

Portrait of a Cat Lady on Fire LGBT United Kingdom 09:30
Dir. Deborah Espect
A lady’s life is turned upside down when she meets a charismatic artist with a dubious French accent.

Fireworks Coming of Age Australia 14:59
Dir. Sam McGowan
In order to fulfil his New Year’s resolution, a lonely teenager downloads Grindr and attempts to lose his virginity in the final hours of the year.

Through Fault Drama Australia 15:00
Dir. Emily Brown
Set in Melbourne, Australia in 1990. Jo, a young Catholic woman, volunteers as a HIV hotline counsellor expecting to answer calls from the ill-informed public.

Aygol Drama Germany 08:00
Dir. Dimitris Argyriou
Aygol is a young girl who is afraid to accept her sexual Identity, because it is forbidden in her country and she prefers to spend time with her grandma.

Break the Mould Doco Australia 0 4:53
Dir. Samantha Chim
A documentary style interview with 35-year-old transgender model, activist and public figure Rora Mac.