The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Access Cinema

Films made by filmmakers with disabilities, or films that highlight and explore issues around disability.

Blind Turn Doco Australia 15:00
Dir. Isabel Dickson
An authentic Australian story of triumph over adversity. Royce Dickson is about to realise his life-long dream of playing with Geelong in the AFL but suffers a tragic accident days before his first game. He must come to terms with the reality of his disability and pursue a new dream.

Child of Témoin Sci-Fi Australia 37:40
Dir. Cody Fordham
Planet Témoin and its habitants has been captured by a species known as ‘Humans’. A mother and daughter spirit hopes to resolve the conflict via lethal methods.

Declutter Documentary Australia 05:43
Dir. Jackson Hayat
Marsa sits at the precipice of finding her calling, decluttering the lives of tenants facing mental health battles.

Deep Down Psychological Thriller Australia 05:54
Dir. James McVitty
Finn hides a panic attack from his girlfriend Olivia. In his vulnerable state, he struggles to reach out for help from under the weight of his anxious episode, and ultimately alienates the person who cares for him the most.

Singing In Despair Documentary Australia 03:44
Dir. Jacob Hooke
A music video narrative short that looks at themes of mental illness and relationships.

The Petrification of Dee Wallace Drama Australia 08:48
Dir. Nick Mansur
Dee, an anxiety-riddled young artist is approached by Charlie, a bubbly, overwhelming classmate with the offer to co-create a comic book. Can Dee overcome the animated manifestations of her greatest fear: making a friend?