The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

10 Year Retrospective

Tofu Man
Dir. Andrew Robb                                                                                    Internationally award winning doco looking at the life of a Sunshine tofu maker.

Winner Best Documentary, Best Cultural Diversity and Best Film Western Suburbs

There’s a Mobster Under My Bed
Dir. Matt Smolen                                                                                      Falling asleep can fill you with dread, especially when there’s a mobster under your bed!

Winner Best Film 2020

Cat Food
Dir. Benjamin Laut                                                                                      After the loss of his wife Rachel, Gus turns to the internet to find love. He meets the perfect girl, but is she everything she seems to be?

Winner Best Tertiary 2016

Dir. Brendan Young

Melbourne, Australia in 1965, a Sicilian widow fights for her life when members of the local Calabrian mafia murder her husband and try to seize control of his produce business. God forgives…Sicilian women don’t!

Winner Best Film 2021



The True History of Billie The Kid
Dir. Leticia Caceres                                                                                           Billie visits her ageing father in jail, revealing that her childhood in his care was not as safe and happy as he might have believed.

Winner Best Film  Western Suburbs 2019

Feeling Through
Dir. Doug Roland                                                                                    Feeling Through, the first film to star a DeafBlind actor, is a coming of age story that follows Tereek, a teen wandering the streets of New York, desperate for a place to crash when he encounters Artie, a DeafBlind man in need of help getting home. From an awkward meeting between strangers emerges an intimate bond, and a journey that forever changes Tereek.

Winner Best Film 2022

Three August Days
Three August Days                                                                                            In the midst of the political upheaval of the early 1990s, an Estonian girl and a Russian boy reach across cultural lines to unite over a shared bottle of American soda.

Winner Best Film, 2020 and Best Film by A Female Filmmaker.

Why Do People Hates Us?
Dir. Mark Bakaitis                                                                                     Smeer is an ageing punk rocker, tattooist & musician.
His marriage to young pin-up model Samii has proved to be highly controversial.

Winner Best Documentary Western Sububs 2016

You Know What? I Love You
Dir. Natalie Cunningham
A touching and universal tale of life’s simple pleasures inspired by filmmaker Natalie Cunningham’s conversations with her grandmother, Giannoula Panagiotopoulos, who migrated to Australia from Greece in 1955. 

Inaugural Winner of The Rouge, 2017

Dir. Roman Meyer 
As technology evolves, we lose the power of attraction.’Senseless’ shows a future where we have forgotten how to rely on our basic senses. Instead we absorb the world and communicate through our mobile devices. We rely on data about our surroundings instead of looking and listening for ourselves; and we no longer use touch and the power of attraction to start relationships with each other.

‘Senseless’ is the winner of four awards at the Setting Sun Film Festival 2014. Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Short, Best Film Western Suburbs