Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival


Tuesday 12th May


Ninja Knitters
A group of determined women giving a lonely superhero some style.
Australia , Duration: 5:00
Director: Andrew Robb

Supereroi Senza Superpoteri/Superheroes Without Superpower
Someone puts a VHS in a video recorder. As soon as the videotape is played, all kinds of blurred television images
appear on the screen; Beatrice’s childhood memories. This is the beginning of a journey in which the filmmaker
processes some important moments of her life and the relationship with her mother and her sickness.
Italy, Duration: 12:50
Director: Beatrice Baldacci

Love Is A Lunatic City
A pregnant teenager escapes from juvenile prison to find the father of her unborn baby.
Australia, Duration: 11:09
Director: Hannah Moore

The Aevum Circle
In this fantastical world of sword and sorcery, of machine and magic a centuries-long peace has held between the
great cities of Vysidia and Eth Duur. Can this fractured alliance keep?
Australia, Duration: 6:43
Director: Andrew Formosa

Glass Canvas: Portrait Of A Signwriter
Robbie Holbery started his working life as an apprentice butcher in 1957 but soon found he had a passion for
something different. He always had a good hand and a creative eye, so when Robbie started writing the specials on
the front window of the shop for his boss, he discovered his love for sign-writing.
Australia, Duration: 10:14
Director: Jack C. Levitt

There's A Mobster Under My Bed!
Falling asleep can fill you with dread, especially when there's a mobster under your bed!
With a literal Mobster layin' low under her bed - it's up to our 8-year-old girl to figure out what exactly he's doing
there... and how to get rid of him.
Australia, Duration: 10:03
Director: Matthew Smolen
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