Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival


Saturday 9th May


I See In The Dark
This short documentary is about three individuals, who have lost their sight. Their intimate narrative takes the viewer on a
journey to their world and feelings about the loss of vision.
Slovenia, Duration: 16:00
Director: Lana Bregar

After witnessing the local priest abuse his power, Sofia attempts to convince her devout Catholic family to act.
Australia, Duration: 14:00
Director: Olivia Altavilla

Sync or Swim
A short film on the difficulties a cast member can have when being overworked on-set.
Australia , Duration: 6:00
Director: Gary Hegedus

This Place
An outsider travels to Slab City, also known as the last free place in America, and finds hope in an unexpected place,
where everyone and everything has a second chance.
Australia, Duration: 10:05
Director: Michelle Joy

After the Tsunami
Sri Lankan survivors of the 2004 boxing day tsunami reflect on the event, impact, and aftermath of the tragedy.
Australia, Duration: 6:59
Director: Mark Hellinger

In a society driven by growth and development we don't often take time to appreciate this wild, wonderful world we occupy.
Getting stuck in the daily grind is all too easy, but sometimes all that’s needed to open our eyes is a helping hand.
Australia, Duration: 3:28
Director: Evan McInnes

Sunday 10th May
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