Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival


Wednesday 6th May

The Starey Bampire 
Three year old Elvie tells a spooky ghost story while Mum and Dad are made to film whatever she says. What results is quite an unusual telling of a vampire’s tale filled with scares, laughs and a whole lot of sunscreen.
Australia, Duration: 4:42
Director: Dan Farmer, Adam Bigum

Il Fagotto (Sub Eng) - The Load 
A science fiction drama where women must account to the government, once a year if they have
not had children.
Italy, Duration: 15:00
Director: Giulia Giapponesi

Stay Sharp 
Stay Sharp is a short documentary exploring Melbourne’s iconic and often misunderstood Sharpie subculture of the 1970s,
focusing on its resurgence in recent decades.
Australia, Duration: 14:05
Director: Lauren Hester

El Niňo 
An Argentinian migrant drives her teenage son to the city to meet his father for the first time.
Australia, Duration: 15:00
Director: Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier

In our age of attention scarcity, ‘On’ explores just where our gaze is falling. Take a curious and playful glimpse into both the
connectedness and enduring loneliness of the modern condition, through this intimate and unexamined lens.
Australia , Duration: 2:05
Director: Jelena Sinik

Thursday 7th May
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