Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival


Monday 11th May – Youth Progam Sponsored by Victoria University

Sallie Jones: An Australian Farmer 
An inspiring documentary short about dairy farmer Sallie Jones, covering issues of mental health,
country living, starting a small business and gender stereotypes of women in rural Australia. 
Australia, Duration: 7:23 
Director: Henry Johnston
Super Steve And Mighty Michael 
Super Steve is back with his best friend Mighty Michael, ready to take on a new adversary.                                                                                                                                          Can villains really change? Will Super Steve accidentally burn down his school? Will the costumes 
ever be returned to the Drama Department? 
Australia, Duration: 10:00 
Director: Orlando Catoggio
 Mon Grand-Pere
When Greta’s grandfather’s incurable disease continued to worsen in 2019, a series of happy accidents                                                                                 
unearthed decades of home video and photographs, chronicling a lifetime of experience, love, pain and 
memories. Mon Grand-père is a short, visual spoken word about Hugh Ross Shannon - a man driven 
by his love for exploring and photographing the world around him, and the significant emotional
impact his identity has had on his only granddaughter, Greta.
Australia, Duration: 4:29 
Director: Greta Shannon 
Due to life’s cruel fate and the loss of their mother, Maggie and Jack have extra responsibilities. When
the opportunity presents to escape the reality of babysitting, Maggie seizes it.
Australia, Duration: 6:16 
Director: Jessica Evans
Vêtments Homme Identité 
Fashion communicates our identity to the world: our past, present and future, all embodied in an art form
made of fabric. For young men a love of fashion brings stigma, but also freedom of expression and 
a growing awareness of the world around them. 
Australia, Duration: 7:00 
Director: Brandon Gatt
Plastic Tide 
The world is drowning in plastic but there are things that can be done to turn back the tide. 
Australia, Duration: 6:54 
Director: Annalise Smith
Grandpa and Grandma are Moving to a Senior Housing 
Celebrating their 60th Anniversary and now in their 80’s, Hana and Nahum are facing a 
common dilemma: should they stay at their current home of nearly 50 years or downsize 
and move to a senior housing? Their journey is depicted through the camera of their granddaughter. 
Israel, Duration: 10:57 
Director: Ella Goldenberg 
A teenager is missing out on life because she is always on her phone. She is constantly distracted 
by her phone is not aware of life going on around her and ends up paying the ultimate price. 
Australia, Duration: 4:46 
Director: Charlotte McLaverty 

Tuesday 12th May

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