Congratulations 2018 Winners and Finalists

But first a short message …………

It’s always exciting when the scores come back from the judges and I finally learn who the winners are. Sometimes it’s obvious, and other times the judges choose winners I didn’t anticipate. A bit like the People’s Choice Award. It’s not always easy to predict which Opening Night film the audience will pick as their winner.

When this festival started, we had a participation rate of about 5 -10 per cent from female filmmakers. This low figure reflected participation rates by female filmmakers in the Australian film industry generally. The figure may have been lower compared to male participation rates,  but female filmmakers were still finalists and winners in this festival.

To address gender imbalances in the Australian film industry, in December 2015,  Screen Australia introduced it’s suite of Gender Matters initiatives to increase female participation in film by funding projects created, written, directed and produced by female filmmakers. After reading about this, we introduced the Rouge Program, a female only filmmakers program to screen at the Sun Theatre during our 2016 festival. We saw an immediate increase by female filmmakers, up to 35 per cent. The Sun Theatre gave us extra theatre time so we could show all the films. To launch this exciting program, I approached Sue Maslin, award winning film producer and strong supporter of women in film, to launch the first program. She surprised us all by offering to come on board as a sponsor and judge of the Rouge Program, by donating $1000 and the Film Art Media Award to the Best Film By A Female DirectorThis is Sue’s third year as a sponsor. In the last two years, entries into the Rouge Program have also come from overseas. This year we received a high amount of quality entries from female filmmakers who entered our Rouge program, too many to screen in one program, and a few received Screen Australia funding under the Gender Matters Initiative.

When I received the judges’ scores this year, a remarkable and exciting picture began to emerge: the majority of this year’s winners are women. Remarkable, because sadly, it’s unusual.  In the 14 adult categories that are Open, where we give out the Awards on Opening Night, (excluding People’s Choice), 10 of the winning categories were won by women, usually it’s one or two. Congratulations to all our winners.

EDIT: The Setting Sun 2018 People’s Choice Award, Best Film 2018 and Highly Commended were also won by women.

Anna Bourozikas, Festival Director.


Best Film 2018
A Terrible Beauty. Dir. Sarah-Jane  Woulahan. 
Highly Commended
My Little Life. Dir. David Willing, Executive Producer, Screenwriter Amy Price
Best Film West
Winner: Partners Dir. Henry Inglis
Unauthorised Dir. David Pennay, Ester Tuddenham
Through The Haze Dir. Kieran Wheeler
Bittersweet, Dir. Ayan Yusuf
A Terrible Beauty Dir. Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Best Film Cultural Diversity
Winner: Bitter Sweet Dir. Ayan Yusuf
Dignity of Risk  Dir. Prateek Bando
Frizz  Dir. Ivy Mutuku
Out of the Closets, Into The Streets  Dir. Jary Nemo
Best Short Feature  
Winner: A Terrible Beauty Dir. Sarah-Jane Woulahan                            
 My Little Life  Dir. David Willing
Through The Haze  Dir. Kieran Wheeler
Partners Dir. Henry Inglis
Best Documentary
Winner: Along the Way – El Camino  Dir. Emma Buglisi

 Out of the Closets, Into The Streets  Dir. Jary Nemo
Westall  Dir. Shane Gardam
Milk In the Billy Dir. Laura Grace
Best Director
Winner: A Terrible Beauty Dir. Sarah-Jane Woulahan
 My Little Life Dir. David Willing
Through The Haze Dir. Kieran Wheeler
Partners Dir. Henry Inglis
Best Screenwriter 
Winner: A Terrible Beauty Dir. Sarah-Jane Woulahan
My Little Life  Amy Price
Partners  Dir. Henry Inglis
Through The Haze  Dir. Kieran Wheeler
Best Acting Performance
Winner: Jane Allsop, A Terrible Beauty
Kate Bradford, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Amy Price, My Little Life
Alex Cooke, Same Time Tomorrow
Best Animation
WINNER: Superheroes  Dir. Chris Busuttil
Under The Weather  Patrick O’Mahony
Pobol  Dir. Viviane Peoc’h
Best Comedy
Winner: Through The Haze Dir. Kieran Wheeler
My Little Life Dir. David Willing
Partners Dir. Henry Inglis
Janes Audition.mp4  Dir. Michael Jones
Best Tertiary
Winner: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner  Dir. Claudia Holmes
Surren  Dir. Alisha Marfatia
Tub  Dir. Lucien Perry
Best Film By A Female Filmmaker
Film Art Media Award For Best Film By A Female Filmmaker
Winner: A Terrible Beauty  Dir. Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Pobol  Dir. Viviane Peoc’h
Mwah  Dir. Nina Buxton
Somersault Pike  Dir. Kate Lefoe
Winner: Doomed To Repeat Dir. Isaac Haigh
iRony  Dir. Radheya Jegatheva
Doomed To Repeat  Dir. Isaac Haigh
Rob  Dir. Patrick Butcher
Overqualified  Dir. Emilia McSherry
The Unspoken Rule  Dir. Con Coutis
Notes From The Underground  Dir. William Fairley
Marcus  Dir. Rowan Quinn/Cardinia Shire Youth Services
Play Like a Girl  Dir. Olivia Hector, Millie Beswick-Wright,
Whisper  Dir. Farhanul Majumder
Daylight  Dir. Rupert Parkin
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