The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

The Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Film Festival

Setting Sun Online Film Festival 2021

Welcome to the 8th Annual Setting Sun Film Festival, proudly brought to you from Melbourne, Australia by Poppy Kat Media.

Due to Victorian COVID restrictions the 2021 Festival is being screened entirely online. All nine films sessions will be offered over two Programs on our Vimeo On Demand channel. Both Programs will be available from the 18th June at 6pm until Sunday 26 June at 9pm. Each session contains a selection of films and is about 90 minutes long.

Program A comprises three paid sessions.  Each session in Program A costs AU $10, or order all three for AU $20 (only available in Australia). Payment is via Vimeo. Program A includes the Opening Night Program (Golden Sunset), the female filmmakers’ Rouge Program and the Greek Psarokokalo program. These are the sessions that were scheduled for screening at the Sun Theatre.

Program B comprises six sessions and is free.
Program B includes The Banksia, The Bridge, The Dahlia, The Lilith and The Footscray Flapper sessions, as well as the Rising Sun Youth session sponsored by Victoria University. 

Check out the all the films sessions on Eventive and register for the session(s) you are interested in. You’ll then receive a Vimeo on Demand link that will allow you to watch the films free on Vimeo for a period of 72hrs. UPDATE. Anyone who received a promo code, just go straight to the Vimeo Page and click the free button on the show/s you want to watch. 

Contact us here if you have questions/problems.

The SSFF2021 festival program has all the film details in an easy to read magazine format (pdf).

Enjoy the Festival!