Best Film By A Female Filmmaker Prize and Rouge Program

The Film Art Award Best Film By A Female Director goes to ………

An incredible range of quality films were entered in to this year’s Rouge Program, our annual exhibition of films directed, produced and written by women as well as including a competition for best film by a female director for eligible films.  The award winning film producer Sue Maslin and her company Film Art Media  sponsor this program  by donating a $1000 cheque and The Film Art Media Award for Best film By a Female Filmmaker (formerly the Dressmaker Award).

You can read about this year’s incredible filmmakers and book tickets from here.

Award winning film producer Sue Maslin.

“The Setting Sun Short Film Festival women’s program is an important way to discover new female talent behind the camera and address the gender imbalance we have in the Australian screen industry. There are far too few films released each year with stories made by and about women. The Film Art Media Award for Best Film By A Female Filmmaker recognises an outstanding female filmmaker and we are absolutely delighted to be associated with this wonderful festival again in 2018.” Sue Maslin, Film Art Media


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