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Download the SSSFF 2017 Program and read all about this year’s filmmakers, sponsor messages, and more.

Our 2017 sessions are up on the Sun Theatre website where you can read about our films and filmmakers. To make it easier, all films and their sessions are listed here. Scroll through, and click on the program title to be taken to the Sun Theatre website where you can purchase tickets online for that session. Tickets can also be purchased directly at the Sun Theatre, 8 Ballarat St. Yarraville. Festival filmmakers will be notified Tuesday 28th March on how to get their tickets.



If you click on the program link, you will be taken directly to the Sun Theatre website to book tickets for that session.

Thu 27th April 7pm         The Golden Sunset               (Opening Night and Award Presentation) 

Olympic Nick: A Donutmentary Ian Tran, Rachel Morssink
The Uncomfortably Sexy Rules of Truco Marina Bonofiglio
Spill Aaron  Ellis
No Smoking Nerango Nero
The Jolly Swagman Charby Ibrahim
More Stuff Simone Giampaolo
Goodnight Sweetheart Bec Peniston-Bird
Noel Hayden Bevis
Autocarrot  Robert P. Fantozzi, Conor A. Woods
No Measure of Health Jessica Hutchison
Uber X-Citing Day Michael Jones, Jackson Tozer
One Second Tom Vogel
The Prince Of Chinatown Patrick Mooney

Fri 28th April  7pm                                      The Bridge

Mrs Metro Aggelos Papantoniou
Zina Ivan Malekin
Sleep to Dream David Nguyen
Citizen Reporter Lindsay Cox
Plunge Kate Lefoe
Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy. Tom Bell
Goodnight Sweetheart Bec Peniston- Bird
Sudo Ballen Mark Hellinger
Internal Dialogue About Immigration & Terrorism Camilla Johnsen
Autocarrot Robert P. Fantozzi, Conor A. Woods
Trolley Sam Rankin
Seeing The Land From An Aboriginal Canoe Jary Nemo

Sat 29th April 4.30pm                  The Rouge             (The Dressmaker Award presentation)

The Uncomfortably Sexy Rules of Truco Marina Bonofiglio
The Other Man Sher-Li Tan
Tallboy Serah Nathan
Goodnight Sweetheart  Bec Penistion-Bird
Luxville Erin McCuskey
Exit From Eden – The Story of Lilith Tritia DeViSha
Plunge Kate Lefoe
We’re Here Now Nikki Richardson
From Bella To Chanel – A Day In The Lie of Kristen Stewart Tammy Weller
Falling Jemma Van Loenen
Maybe Next Time Delfina Jaureguialzo
Ravager Ramona Warden
No Measure of Health Jessica Hutchison
Heathen Siobhan Mulready
Crowded Couch Ella Barton

Sun 30th April  10am    The Rising Sun (free secondary school kids’ program and awards)

The Beast Within Cian Bennet
YAKA Thilan Ahangama
Captain Drybone Gypsy Pirate Extraordinaire Dermot O’Brien
An Australian Farmer’s Story Jonno Kelly
The Goldfish Theory Alexander Fasso
Rose Tyler Bain
Vespula Nelson Dean
Not Alone James Cottrill
Fragile Sam Johnstone
Scorpius Sam Zagame
Tied Auley Ryan
Tough Guys Truman Schlechta/Fynn Randle
The Chopping Block Dermot O’Brien
The Genie Lawrence Sollerz
Run Billie Rae
Portrait of a Babysitter Sierra McLachlan

Sun 30th April  4.30pm                         The Palm

Milk and Honey Annemaree Bell
Dinner With Donna Andrew Robb
Cinders and The Seven Stages of Grief Constance Washington
Caught Betwwen The Frames Alaine Thomson
The Prince of Chinatown Patrick Mooney
Midnight Ice Cream Run Johnny McPherson
Heathen Siobhan Mulready
Your First Boss Jessie Maskell
We’re Here Now Nikki Richardson
iStick Gary Hegedus
Don’t Change Hayley Beveridge
Olympic Nick: A Donutmentary Ian Tran & Rachel Morssink

We will  have a downloadable and printable magazine style program available on this website in the next few days that lists the sessions, films, filmmakers bios and ticket booking links for your use. 


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