Terms & Conditions, Social Media Policy Disclaimer

By entering the Setting Sun Short Film Festival, entrants agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in disqualification. Fees will not be refunded. By entering a film, it is presumed that every entrant has read the Terms and Conditions, Social Media Policy, and Disclaimer. 

  1. All films in all categories entered into the competition, must have been made and completed from 1st December 2014 until January 31st 2017. Applicants must register and pay before submitting their film. The deadline is midnight EST. 31st January 2017. Films made prior to this date cannot be submitted. Films will be not be accepted after 31st January.
  2. All films in all categories in the competition, (which is separate to the festival) must not be more than 12 minutes opening to closing credits. We will accept and screen films outside these restrictions however they will not be eligible for the competition. Films will be judged and the finalists announced on the website prior to the festival starting.
  3. Entrants in the Rouge Program must have a female writer, director and producer. The winner agrees to mention the festival and The Dressmaker Award in any media interviews after winning the award.
  4. Filmmakers entering the western suburbs sections, must have had key creatives (director, producer, writer) living in the west, or have filmed their entry in the west, during  1st December 2014 – January 31st 2017 to be eligible for this section. Otherwise, filmmakers must enter the Metropolitan or Open categories.
  5. Films must be uploaded by the filmmaker onto YouTube or Vimeo with the link included in the application form. No hardcopy DVDS are to be submitted to the festival. Please check the quality of your film once uploaded.
  6. For screening purposes, finalists will need to provide a High Definition MOV H264 file set to 24 frames per second, and with resolution 1920 x1080.
  7. Once a film is entered into the festival, it cannot be withdrawn after 48 hours expires. Films cannot be withdrawn at all after the Call for Entries deadline expires. Should a filmmaker wish to withdraw their film, no refund will be issued. 
  8. Setting Sun Short Film Festival will not be responsible for damaged, lost, misdirected or unusable content.
  9. Secondary students entering a film in the competition must be over 13 years of age to enter. It is presumed that by entering the competition that the child’s parent/ guardian has read the terms and conditions and has consented.
  10. Content that is libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually, culturally or racially offensive will not be included. A film under the threat of litigation, or facing litigation must not be entered.
  11. An entrant is solely responsible for ensuring that all necessary copyright and other permissions for their film has been obtained prior to submitting their film. This includes, but not limited to, music, stock images, footage, photos, graphics and sound. Entrants warrant their film does not breach any of the intellectual rights, or any other rights, of any other person.  Entrants will fully indemnify the Setting Sun Short Film Festival of any costs, loss, expenses, damages, or liability, whether direct or indirect, arising out of a claim by a third party or another party.
  12. The judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered. Entrants agree not approach festival staff to discuss.
  13. Finalists will receive two free tickets to the Opening Night if their film is screening.  Everyone else receives two free tickets to a general session screening of their film.  Selected finalists are also expected to attend the festival or send someone from the film to represent them if they are a finalist in the competition.
  14. The SSSFF is an artistic festival. Corporate films, films that promote or publicise an organisation, issue or event will not be accepted. Films with contact details for an organisation or an event will not be accepted. Entrance fees will not be refunded.
  15. Films may be moved for judging into different categories at the discretion of the Festival Director.
  16. The Festival Director may include films in the festival that fall outside of the judging and festival criteria. These films will not be part of the competition.
  17. Films cannot be entered into the competition more than once. 

Publicity, marketing, social media policy and Awards.

  1. Finalists and winners must be present, or send a representative, to accept their award. Please notify the SSSFF office if you are unable to collect your award.
  2. Winners must contact the SSSFF office to collect their prizes within two weeks of the conclusion of the festival or forfeit their prize.
  3. All festival winners and filmmakers whose films have been selected for the festival programs agree to mention the festival and it’s producer, in any media interviews or marketing they do for up to 12 months after the festival ends. We work hard to promote you. Share a little love back.
  4. The winner of the Rouge Program agrees to mention the festival in media interviews.
  5. By submitting a film into the festival, entrants authorise the Setting Sun Short Film Festival, the right to use their film, synopsis and details for publicity and promotional activities.  An entrant grants the festival the right to cache, and store their content and grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual and royalty free right and licence to use and distribute their content online, through its website, its YouTube and/or Vimeo Channel, and the websites of partner networks and sponsors. Entrants grant the festival the right to additional screenings outside of the festival as part of marketing the festival.
  6. Festival entrants agree not to make any negative comments publicly about the festival, festival staff , The Sun Theatre, Victoria University or any other sponsor on social media or in the press.
  7. Films selected for the 2017 SSSFF Festival must not be screened on social media until the Festival ends.


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